What To Wear On a Cruise

Going on a cruise is the best thing you can do for leisure. Sailing in the waters and feeling the soft breeze touch your face, glaring at the beauty of the majestic ocean and, unwinding from the daily schedules and chores. A cruise is something you should definitely look forward to. When you’re packing for your upcoming cruise, the thought that will strike you the most is what clothes should you bring along? Should it all be casual, or something fancy, or just formal? Don’t pack your entire closet because of the ‘what to wear’ crisis. Although it can be a little difficult to decide what to wear on a cruise, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll just be good with couple of clothes that are a mix of formals and casuals.

We’re here to share with you some great tips for what to wear on a cruise whether it is day, night or the cruise dinner party. So read along…

What To Wear On a Cruise In The Evening?

Evenings at a cruise can be casual or formal, it depends on the occasion. Usually, there are dress codes for several days on the cruise, and you can dress according to that. Just keep in mind you don’t get over dressed or under dressed for any occasion on the cruise. Here are a few outfit ideas for what to wear on a cruise in the evening.

  • Follow the dress code

If the dress code for the evening is casual, you definitely won’t be walking around wearing a formal dress. You can put on casuals like skirts, sundresses, blouses and Capri pants, or any other casual dress. But, if the dress code says to dress elegant, the evening probably is going be elegant indeed. We suggest putting on cocktail dresses and a statement piece of jewellery that matches with the outfit.


  • Don’t be too formal

A cruise is your vacation, not a call for a formal meeting. Even if it is mentioned in the dress code that it’s going to be a formal night, do not show up in your meeting suit. Rather, you can wear smart casual like a pantsuit or a dress.

What To Wear On a Cruise During The Day?

Daytime on the cruise means you will be hanging around on the deck or maybe enjoy a swimming session at the pool. No matter what you’re doing, here are some tips to help you choose your outfits for the day.

  • Choose comfort

Always opt for comfortable clothings that will allow you to move around with ease. You can wear sweatshirts paired with jeans and sneakers. Or you can wear a simple top with a jacket or some smart casual clothes.


  • Wear your best

You’re on a cruise line with a lot of people around, so you certainly should look your best. Pack your beautiful dresses, sandals and hats. Match them to create a perfect outfit, like a cute sundress paired with a cowboy hat and a pair of high heeled sandals would look amazing.

What Should You Not Wear On a Cruise?

Being on a cruise definitely makes you want to wear anything and everything that makes you look amazing. But, cruise lines also have some do’s and don’ts. You certainly don’t want to make a fool out of yourself by wearing something that does not suit the dress code of the cruise. Some tips to help you understand what not to wear on a cruise, are given below:

  • Dress according to the location

One thing you must keep in mind when you’re on cruise is that you should be dressed according to the location. What we mean by this is to wear appropriate clothings for each place. For example, don’t hop into a restaurant wearing your swimsuit. Some cruises even have guidelines and dress codes for specific location, make sure to abide by them.


  • Don’t reveal

You might be tempted to wear your shorts or revealing tops. But, a cruise is not the right place to wear clothes that are revealing. Make sure you wear something that is modest yet stylish and fashionable.

What Should I Wear On a 2020 Cruise?

A cruise in 2020 can probably just be a dream because of the global pandemic. But, if you happen to be on a cruise in 2020, here’s what you can wear:

  • Bring in the formals

Formal dresses for dining in the evening are best. They put out a good impression of you and make you look classy and elegant. Moreover, the nights are better with formals or semi-formals like blouses and skirts.


  • Casuals are important

Once you’re on board, you would be excited to explore the entire ship, hang around and maybe even go for a swim. Make sure you pack your smart casual clothes to do everything in comfort. Do not forget your comfy shoes and jeans. We suggest packing loose clothes like t shirts and tank tops.

Can You Wear Flip Flops To Dinner On a Cruise?

No! The answer is a straight No. You never want to wear your flip flops to a dinner on the cruise. Dinners on the cruise are usually formal and people are expected to dress up according to the dress codes given by the cruise board. You can wear your favorite pair of heels with an elegant gown, or you can go for sandals with a maxi dress. Whatever you choose to wear, never opt for flip flops as a footwear at a dinner on the cruise.

What To Wear On a Cruise Ship Formal Night?

Formal nights mean you should be wearing formal apparel for the evening. Here’s what to wear on a cruise formal night.

  • Pretty dresses

You can wear pretty cocktail dresses paired with a cute sling bag for a formal night. Moreover, you can opt for skirts and blouses with accessories that compliment your outfit.

  • Wear comfy footwear

A formal night may also include a formal dance, and you definitely don’t want to make your feet soar by dancing in high heels. Put on a pair of comfortable wedges or sandals that are attractive yet cozy.

These were a few tips and tricks, and do’s and don’ts for what to wear on a cruise. Make sure you always follow the dress code on a cruise so that you don’t look like an outsider amid everyone else.