Linen Clothing

If you're shopping for beautiful Linen Clothing for women then look no further!

Don’t you just love that feeling when you’re with friends, family or walking down the street and hear ‘Oh. My. God. That dress is amazing! Where did you get it from?”

The answer; The Coconut Gallery’s linen collection!

We love our linen collection because of the many benefits it has to offer! It is good for the environment, kind to our skin, long-lasting and super-soft!

As Coconut Gallery finds its stock from the fashionistas in Italy, our linen is a rich European blend made with simple rainwater to thrive. There’s no need for pesticides, specialized irrigation or fertilizers like cotton.

Luckily for us, our linen range of dresses, jackets and more are so comfortable due to the magical temperature-regulating properties.


Linen is most commonly thought of as part of the Summer wardrobe because it can be lightweight, cream-colored and airy. However, it should probably make its way into the Winter wardrobe, too. As linen is like a second skin, it retains heat in the cold. If you’re still not convinced, here’s some more fun facts about the benefits of linen clothing. Linen fibers are actually hypoallergenic! This, on top of them having natural anti-bacterial properties means that you can get up and face whatever the world throws at you. Your skin will be very grateful for your use of linen fabrics because it’s natural PH balance helps to soften and preserve the skin. Not to mention the fact that linen has high porous abilities making it feel soft and dry even around moisture. It has even been found in a cave in Georgia to be around 36,000 years old. So, it really is true when they say trends come back around! But, moving onto the fun stuff: how are you going to wear your linen clothing from New Zealand? Well, here at Coconut Gallery we have dresses and jackets in almost any color to suit your mood. Red, beige, brown, green, blue, orange, white, pink and even yellow for the lioness who just can’t be tamed! Now we can address the ways in which you can style-up your look, blooming into the elegant blossom we all know you are. For example; if you opt for our Loren Linen Dotty Dress, consider pairing it with a lightweight denim jacket, a thick belt to cinch in your waist, a bandana and some ankle boots. Not only this, but if you’re looking to add linen in other areas of your wardrobe, its properties make it very malleable for any style. For example, take a linen bandana and create a timeless look for the Summer sun with a bow tied around your hair! it makes for a fantastic hair accessory: no slips, absorbs moisture and will stay in place due to its strong fibers. For now, the Coconut Gallery linen range features the Loren Linen Dotty Dress, the Linen Zipper Jacket and the Linen Floral Jacket. But, we plan for many more linen items to be coming back in stock for our lovely ladies!