What to wear to a funeral

Experiencing a family or loved one's loss, no matter how close you are to them is a sad experience filled with grief. A funeral is a great way to say goodbye and to mourn that your family member or loved one in a way that not only reliefs you but also them.

Dressing for a funeral is not something people often talk about but is something that is common among many funerals and has become well known that you dress a certain way out of respect.

What Is Acceptable To Wear To A Funeral?

This leads to a bigger question, what is appropriate to wear to a funeral. Although it all depends what is specified by the funeral director, there is one colour that you can not go wrong with and is the safest option.

This is black, but you can also wear darker colours as long as they blend in with everyone else. For women it is best to wear a skirt and a top that is not too revealing and for men it is best to wear a suit or a shirt and trousers alongside a tie.

This is not too casual yet is not too over the top, making it a good formal option. Another important accessory piece are shoes, for women it is best to wear some flats or smart shoes, try to stay away from anything too casual or hard to wear (such as heels).

For men it is wise to go for smart shoes or even something more casual, but steer away from anything too sporty as it may be seen as disrespectful. Now some people may go for a headpiece which is commonly worn at funerals, but this is not essential.


What to wear to a funeral In A Funeral 2020?

Although funeral attire generally never changes over the years 2020 has been a bit different. With a worldwide pandemic some funerals have been hard to attend and many have chosen to go online.

For this we recommend still going ahead and respecting the family and wearing something black so you can feel more in touch with the ceremony and more at peace once the funeral is over.

By wearing black it signifies this is still as important as it would be at any other time. Over the recent years appropriate funeral attire has become more casual than it once traditionally was. Instead of wearing full length gowns and dresses, you can now wear clothing that is conservative such as blouses and skirts.

These are toned down to what was once originally expected but is commonly worn at funerals in this day of age. Darker colours or toned/muted colours are now worn at funerals, although the majority still wear black it is no longer seen as disrespectful to wear other colours.


What should a woman wear to a funeral?

Although this was touched upon previously there are a variety of do’s and don'ts that are expected at a funeral. This does not apply if the family have already specified a dresscode.


Tips on funeral outfits

-Make sure to dress appropriate. This means wearing something that does not display too much skin and reflects the event you are attending, you will be surrounded by grievers so you have to keep this in mind when choosing how you dress. The best options are a dress that covers knees and shoulders or a skirt and a shirt. This should then be paired with a jacket or a blazer, depending on how formal you are being asked to dress.

-Stick to dark colours. By sticking to dark colors you show your respect and make sure the attention is not drawn to you. Also try to stay away from complicated patterns, the best option is a solid colour.

-Avoid bright colours.

-Stick to fabrics that are suited for that season. If the weather is hot try to dress in materials more cooling to the skin, and stay away from materials such as wool.

-Wear comfy yet presentable shoes. Make sure to wear something comfy that will not have you worrying about blisters or soreness of the skin. Try to stay away from stilettos and do not try to make a statement with your shoes.

How shouldn't you dress

-Stay away from bling jewelry, when you are going to a funeral it is smart to stay away from overlapping jewelry. This is because you are there to mourn and remember a life, a day without being glamorous can be sacrificed for this moment.


-Use your instinct. If you think that something you are wearing won’t be respectable and does not seem fit for a funeral, do not wear it or ask for another person's opinion.


What to wear to a funeral in the summer?

When winter changes to summer, it is sometimes hard to find outfits to fit the seasons. Because of the weather different outfit styles are worn to funerals throughout the year. Make sure whatever you do to still stay conservative, make sure to keep a knee length dress and to cover shoulders if possible. For shoes, if you want to wear sandals try to go for ones that look formal and are not colourful. The same goes for sunglasses, if you need sunglasses on a very sunny day, go for black or dark colours. Clothing wise the best materials are linens and cotton. These make sure that you do not get overheated and you can still focus on the ceremony. Because wearing dark colours often contributes to heat, if you use lightweight and cooling materials your body will really thank you for it.


What to wear to a funeral that is not black?

Although there is the traditional wear that is expected at most funerals, it is up to the dress code and funeral directors guidelines for what you wear. A lot of people have started to state no black clothing for funerals for a variety of reasons, but most commonly because the person who has died wants to have their life celebrated and black often creates a sad cloud upon a funeral.

You can start by basing your outfit upon the person that has been deceased. If their favourite colour was purple then you can wear a purple dress or purple skirt in memory of them. If you are going for a floral pattern dress then you can base it around their favourite flowers.

Still try to be conservative. Although the dress code is not black, try to dress formally so you look more presentable and you are still keeping in mind that this is a funeral for someone that has left this earth, it is not just a party.

 When you are trying to dress for a funeral keep one thing in mind, do not overthink it. A funeral is not a time for stress and that is not the point of it, it is to celebrate a life that has been lost and to remember all the great things that were a part of it. At the end of the day you know them better than anyone else, so following your own intuition is key to dressing for a funeral.

Remember not to spend too much in attempts to have the perfect outfit, whatever you wear will be fine as long as it is not too casual or is something you wouldn't expect at a funeral. The money can be spent elsewhere through funds or charities that support a cause that is related to your loved one.