Linen dresses

Our design forward dresses come in range of fabrics, colours, styles and price points. At Coconut Gallery, we cater for the stylish woman with a luscious range of linen dresses. If you’re looking for something to keep you fresh and comfortable during the summer or looking for a smart casual dress for drinks after work. Don’t worry we’re sure to have the perfect linen dress for you.

Not only is Linen fabric super breathable material, it’s generally thought of as more sustainable than popular threads such as cotton. Which is why at Coconut Gallery you’ll find a wide range of women’s linen clothing. There is something for every figure, age and personality! Our linen dresses are fantastic to keep you cool especially on your travels or at the beach.

Browse our flattering range of linen dresses and as always we offer free delivery across the whole of New Zealand.

Linen is the optimal fabric choice for your summertime activities, it’s a sure winner for any occasion. A timeless classic especially in white, that is versatile, comfortable and looks great! Thinking about heading to your favourite bar after work for a glass of wine or heading down the beach for the sunset, Linen is the right choice for you! Shop through our collection of linen dresses, both online and in store, to make sure you’ve prepared for the summer heatwave. Available in a range of colours including the classic white or subtle pink, we’re sure to have the right style for your needs. One of the great benefits about linen, is it’s environmentally friendly! Not to mention recyclable and biodegradable, another two fantastic selling points. Although Linen clothing is a great choice for the hot months. When it gets colder, simply layer it up with your favourite jacket or poncho and you’ll look amazing, no matter the occasion. Remarkably comfortable clothing, sustainable, easy to care for and fabulous – With so many plus points, a linen dress is an essential item to have in your wardrobe!